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Participate in the Revival to the Park 2016 Contest

The VIP Backstage 2016 is here! A contest in which you can overflow your creativity and participate for one of the VIP passes with which you’ll have several benefits: Spend time with pastors Ricardo and Ma. Patricia Rodriguez Have preferential seating for you and your friends Experience the behind the cameras of the event It’s Read more

500 Years of the Protestant Reformation

In 2017 the 500 years of the birth of the Protestant Reformation will be celebrated, the christian religious movement, initiated in Germany in the XVI century by Martin Luther. Since then many things have changed, but the Spirit of renovation with which it started is still in full force, the reformed church continues in it’s Read more

Avivamiento presents: Bible for Babies

As part of the celebration for Bible Day, pastors Ricardo and Maria Patricia Rodriguez – who are committed to the Lord’s command to instruct our kids in God’s word; they half the official launch of the Bible for Babies “Their First Stories”. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder Read more

Happy Day of the Bible

On October 31st the day of the Bible is celebrated, in Avivamiento we want to provide a space to thank God for the most wonderful book that exists on the face of the earth, which has transformed lives, towns, cities and nations. A list was recently published of the books most sold in the world, Read more

Run to the arms of your father – (Video)

Your are not an orphan, you have a father that loves you, knows everything about you and is always with you. If you think that you are not worthy of His forgiveness, or don’t come close to Him because you believe He is mad at you, we invite you to see this video and run Read more

Pastor Juan Sebastián Rodríguez in AvivaJoven2016 – Dominican Republic

On September 24th (@JuanyAnar) pastor Juan Sebastián Rodríguez was present at the event “Aviva Joven 2016” of the ministry “Somos 1”, which took place in the auditorium “Tabernaculo de Adoracion” in the capital of Dominican Republic. Under the theme “the earth cries” hundreds of young people came together to worship the Lord and receive a Read more

Jesus is alive! †

Jesus died to save you! He gave Himself up and was crushed for our iniquities. That is why today you can run freely to the Father, knowing that because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross you have salvation. Who will we give glory to, if not to Him who redeemed us? Who delivered us from Read more

Thousands of colombians openly confessed their faith (Baptisms)

The past 4th of september went from being a normal day to being a milestone in the lives of thousands of colombians, who decided to openly proclaim “Jesus is my savior”.  In over twenty Revival locations in Colombia, Argentina, United States, Chile, Brazil and over 200 home churches located throughout the colombian territory, they went Read more

Revival Conference Los Angeles 2016

THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES WAS IMPACTED BY A POWERFUL ANOINTING LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA An icon of the Christian faith in the beginning of the 20th Century, founded by the evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson; the Angelus Temple in the city of Los Angeles – California was once again filled with the glory of God. Read more

Pastors Ricardo and Ma. Patricia Rodríguez are the characters of Tu tienda Cristiana magazine   one of the most important online stores of Christian books and music, has selected pastors Ricardo and Maria Patricia Rodriguez in their December 2015 (edition No 32) magazine as “The Character” an article which talks about the Revival that God has given us. You can read it below: Ricardo and Maria Patricia Rodriguez did Read more